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Psycho-emotional Acupuncture/ Treating Mental Health

At Paso Acupuncture & Wellness Center we specialize in treating your emotional health. Often times, our mind instructs our body to operate in a way that will protect us, even when the behavior or thought pattern in no longer warranted. We continue to experience anger, remorse, sadness, grief, or guilt that no longer serves its original purpose. We become emotionally stuck, unable to move forward or have new experiences without hurt and anxiety welling up within us. 

Many people feel stuck in the past, destined to repeat the same mistakes in their relationships or careers. We continue to make poor choices, over and over, despite the harm we know those choices might cause. Poor eating habits, putting your needs last, negative self talk, avoidance of issues, inability to move forward through grief and unchecked anxiety can all eventually lead to a sick body and mind. 

A heart that bears a heavy burden or is filled with disappointment and regret will dim the inherent joy that wants to shine brightly within us. Psycho-emotional acupuncture is a safe and effective method to settle a tormented mind and unburden the heavy heart. Emotions, like layers of an onion, are gently peeled away, freeing negative thought patterns and enabling more positive and productive ones to emerge. It is only when the core is uncovered that thought becomes clearer and joy surfaces, allowing a person to move forward in life. This type of treatment can never be forced, but with time and courage, can be truly life transforming.

The Five Organs and their Emotions According to Chinese Medicine (5 Element Theory)

Liver:  According to Chinese Medicine, the Liver is the organ most effected by stress. Trapped Liver Qi leads to irritation, a quick temper, PMS, resentment, bitterness and frustration. Stress that causes tension headaches is a result of Liver disharmony. Like a tree (Wood element), the Liver likes to be rooted, yet flexible enough to weather a storm. It wants to be anchored to the ground, yet reach up to the sun as it grows and matures. 

Kidneys: The Kidneys are the key organ for sustaining life. When they are not harmonious, we feel fear, insecurity, and unable to connect to others. It is the element (water) that represents our career and journey though life. It holds the possibility of where we are going and the imprint of where we have been. Like life, the energy of the Kidneys are forever shifting, reminding us that change is inevitable and to not stand rigid against it. Although fear is a normal adaptive and physiological human emotion, it can become chronic and debilitating, especially when the source of fear is not concrete. 

Heart: The Heart is associated with fire and joy. It controls our ego and our longing to be perceived favorably by others. It is our deep contentment within our own skin and our ability to find happiness in life. When the Heart energy is healthy and moderate (too much can lead to mania), we feel at peace. When the Heart Qi is impaired, we are left with a lack of enthusiasm and vitality of spirit. Depression, insomnia and despair are all emotions associated with the Heart, as well as the physical symptoms of palpitations, insomnia, excessive dreaming, poor long-term memory, and severe psychological disorders. 

Lungs: According to Chinese Medicine, the Lungs are the domain of grief, sadness, and detachment. Associated with the element of Metal, the Lungs allow us to turn chaotic situations into order. They allow us to process our surroundings and our emotional responses. When the Lungs are not in harmony, we are unable to “let go” and can get stuck in the grieving process, whether it’s for someone who’s passed away or an aspect of our life that we cling to without purpose. The Lungs allow us to yield, relax, forgive and move forward. 

Spleen: The Spleen worries, dwells, ruminates, and overthinks. Chronic Stress, worry and anxiety easily damages the delicate balance of the Spleen, often causing digestive problems or “nervous stomach”.  In fact, any activity that involves a great amount of mental effort will run the risk of causing Spleen disharmony, leading to a deficiency of Spleen Qi, which in turn causes more worry, fatigue, lethargy, and the inability to concentrate for long periods of time. The element accosted with the Spleen is Earth: It is responsible for binding the energy of all the other elements. When centered and healthy, we feel calm, centered, grounded and, often times, intuitive. Spleen energy can easily be depleted by others, especially people that require a lot of your energy and attention, therefore decisive adherence to personal boundaries are necessary to protect the vital Qi of the Spleen. 

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